Pioneers in sustainable tourism

We know that when you are touring around the Basque Country you value nature, the countryside and the environment highly .
To this end, and to offer you unbeatable surroundings, we have obtained the European Eco-label for Sustainable Tourism.

Would you like to know what we do to be sustainable?

With you in mind , in Gorosarri rural house promoting sustainable tourism, we have adopted the following measures:


  • When refurbishing the building, we maintained the architectural style of the area and used elements from the original farmhouse
  • We use renewable energy
  • We use the appropriate amount of water
  • We separate and classify waste and reuse organic waste
  • Our agricultural products are ecological , and never exposed to chemicals or pesticides. In this way, our tomatoes taste of tomatoes
  • In Gorosarri the food we offer you comes local shops and small-scale farmers


One of , at the World Summit on Tourism for Sustainable Development 2015, we committed ourselves to :


  • Integrate sustainability into our planning and management
  • Support the well-being of local communities
  • Generate less waste
  • Consume less water and not to contaminate it
  • Use ecologically efficient processes
  • Promote renewable energies
  • Inform you how to travel in a responsible way